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Friday, April 19: U Village

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Suzzallo Library

I hesitate to post this because this is not what the drawing looked like at the end of our sketch crawl today. I work way too slow to finish a drawing to my satisfaction in two hours. At home I added a lot more shading and my white gel pen lines to raise the contrast. I'm not really an Urban Sketcher, I just play one on TV.

This is what it looked like at the sharing.


  1. Urban sketcher or not, I really appreciate seeing your process here... I thought it looked finished at the sharing, but now I see what you really had in mind. Fantastic!

  2. Steve, I am consistently stunned by your work! I think you ARE an urban sketcher, or perhaps an urban sketch crawler?

  3. Titles are overrated. I enjoyed the walk you lead us on through this drawing. Great job as always.