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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Smash Bar and Bistro

An experiment. I drew the top of this very dark bar as usual, in black, but when it came time to shade it, I thought it would be easier to draw the highlights, since the whole scene was so dark. So I painted everything in reverse, darkening only the shiny places, kind of like drawing on a chalkboard, then inverted the scan.


  1. great idea Steve, it worked out beautifully.

  2. Steve, it's so cool to see your process! Must have been a bit tricky to put your brain in "reverse"!

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  4. When I was an animator, I learned to paint on "cells" in reverse. Cel-vinyl paints are applied to the back of the cels, so you have to paint the highlights and fine details first (eyelashes, shiny reflections, subtleties), then work backwards to the general color field. It helps to squint!