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Saturday, December 29, 2012


Visiting my 93 yr old grandmother in the hospital after she took a spill and cracked her pelvis. I drew this while she ate lunch (such as it was, holy crap, what junk) and watched Cash Cab with the captioning on because her hearing aid was on the fritz. She was otherwise in fine fettle, though.


  1. Another great sketch...your eye for capturing a collection of objects in detail is astounding, and the washes add such a great sense of light and form. I love this style.
    I hope to see your sketches on the international urban sketchers blog-- your point of view is different from any other I see on that site, and the sketches are every bit as good or better.
    And I hope your grandmother is doing well too!

  2. That's nice of you to say, Stephanie, but you have to be an official correspondent to post there. Maybe my "different point of view"makes me not ready for prime time. But thanks!

  3. Yes, I know you have to be asked to be on the big league blog...I think you are more than ready!
    I don't know who decides these things, but I would vote for you.

  4. Thanks again. Btw, I looked at your website- you are so much better than me I had to laugh! And really like the site's design. Who would I talk to to have something similar done for me? Preferably a page I could update and maintain myself. I know nothing about web design...