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Friday, June 16: Danny Woo Community Garden

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bartholomew Winery Tasting Room 3/18/12

Some of us took advantage of Bart's hospitality (table, music and a space heater!!) and a bottle of Cuvée Rouge and sketched in the Bartholomew Winery tasting room.
 Did a watercolor of the building from my car before the official start time of our sketch crawl.
Then did a collage from that indoors, all warm and toasty, and with a "Washington State Wineries" magazine to add to the paper bits I'd brought.

A lovely way to spend the last Sunday of winter (or so the calendar claims).


  1. I love your outdoor sketch and the way you could step back and smallify. . . then head indoors for a cozy art party. Bart was very hospitable.

  2. I like how you posted both. It's cool to be able to compare your different versions.