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Friday, September 24, 2010

Juanita Bay Park

OK, I wimped out of the serious rain at the Ballard Market... it was really pouring here in the north end, but my husband and I did manage to take a short walk and enjoy the crisp air in a nearby park along Lake Washington. The heavy gray clouds burst open again as I was sketching in a non-permanent ink pen, and I caught some interesting rain drop effects on my quick sketch. I later added some color and a few more pen strokes. Juanita Bay Park is a great park in Kirkland -- Lots of interesting scenery here: water lily pads, old posts from a long gone ferry, plank walkways, surrounded with some wetlands, and buildings off in the distant shorelines.

I did get the flavor of a market as we stopped to shop at our favorite IN-door fruit and veggie market on the way home as the rain continued... I'm so glad you are all sharing your sketches!

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  1. Wimp or wise? it's hard to say! We got pretty wet. Nice sketch. The clouds look ominous. I'll have to try the park.