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Monday, August 2, 2010

Back from the Symposium

Peggy at the Lu San TeahouseThe Seattle Urban Sketchers who went to Portland are home, with full Moleskines, great memories and new connections.

Big props to Gabi, who was everywhere and on top of everything. If I were him, I'd be ready for a vacation or a padded room, but at least on the train back to Seattle on Sunday, he seemed to be holding up pretty well and was already talking about Lisbon 2011 with the presenters (including Simonetta, Isabelle, Lapin and our own Frank Ching).

Our days were full with scheduled sketching sessions and presentations. Above is a photo of Peggy, as we played hooky Saturday morning to visit the incredible Lu San Chinese Garden. Below is a sketch from my first session with Lapin on Thursday morning. I took a set of alphabet stamps with me, here dipped in watercolor. Still trying to figure out how to incorporate them...

Chinatown, Portland
Looking forward to hooking back up with everyone at our August sketchcrawl!


  1. Great Watercolor! Interesting how much this gate entry is similar in design to ours in the ID district. I love how you are incorporating your letters. The Lu San Chinese Gardens Tea house looks like a great place to be!

  2. Thanks, Gail. Yes, they are similar gates, aren't they?

  3. gorgeous work, Susan! so nice to see this through your eyes!