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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Monday, October 19, 2009

More from Seattle Center - 18 oct

I saw this building, which houses Pottery Northwest and some sort of garage facility for Seattle Center as I was walking to join the sketchcrawl. So, once I'd taken care of the popcorn truck, I went back to check it out. Loved the window, old Rent a Truck sign, the cobalt blue doors and the hanging flowers, each in a new pot presumably created inside.

Murphy's Law of Sketching was in effect: I was sketching propped on a Seattle Center truck parked across the street. Half-way through, the driver of course appeared to drive my seat away. He was very sweetly apologetic.

I stayed on after the official sketchcrawl to see the VanGogh movie at IMAX, and as I was leaving about 3.15p, it was actually sunny! So, one more sketch facing Queen Anne.


  1. Enjoyed seeing your gorgeous sketchbook work! Love yout rich colors, and especially love the windows in the pottery building -- great reflective mosaic!
    Hope you will post that terrific popcorn truck as well, it was wonderful to see!

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  3. Susan, great sketches and choice of subjects. I past the pottery studio on the way in too - love the way they used old pieces as part of the wall construction.

  4. great choice doing the queen anne view, love the colors

  5. This is very nice, loose sketch with the ambience of a bright day in Seattle