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Friday, June 16: Danny Woo Community Garden

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Drawn to the lighthouse


Perfect weather, great company and plenty of subject matter to draw at today's first official meetup of Seattle urban sketchers. I had a blast. Thank you all for coming!

After the meet and greet by the Fishermen's Memorial, I followed Younia and Frank and looked for a place to draw. We walked along one of the docks and settled on this spot. You could see a nice line of staggering boats left and right and the terminal building with the lighthouse in the background. I'm glad I got Frank and Younia in the sketch as a record of the gathering. Both of their drawings were terrific and I hope they'll be on the blog soon for everyone to see.


I also did this other sketch testing a Sakura Identi-Pen I had the impulse of buying at the University bookstore the other day. I had never seeing it and the dual tip tempted me. Back at home I added the color to see if the result was really waterproof and it was. But the ink also bled through the pages of the moleskine.


  1. Well done Gabi! I love yours sketches!

  2. one thing I love about your sketches, Gabi, is how you convey an attitude within the scene, as if it has its own sense of whimsy! delightful.

  3. Gabi even with a view from the back you captured a real likeness of Frank! Thanks for "provoking" this gathering!