Next Sketch Outing

Sunday, July 14: Georgetown Garden Walk

How to Participate

Announcement about the Google Group:  Our apologies for those who have tried to join the Urban Sketchers Seattle Google Group recently.  We, the Admins, have just realized the function seems to be broken.  You may email usk.seattle at (making the change to an "@" sign) to request one of us add you directly from our end. 

This Google mail group is how we communicate with our members.  Members may also initiate messages.  Despite the "join" function being broken, the email group still works.


The mission of Urban Sketchers Seattle is to connect local on-location sketchers and show our city and region, one drawing at a time.

Participation in our monthly sketch outings is free and open to everyone, no matter the skill level.

Seattle urban sketchers can share their drawings on different USK platforms:

The only requirement for posting on those online forums is that the drawings be done on location, from direct observation, following the spirit of the Urban Sketchers Manifesto. Beginners with no artistic background whatsoever are welcomed and encouraged to participate, so please jump in!

Blog Correspondents
As with global Urban Sketchers blogs, participating on the USK Seattle blog at is by invitation. Sketchers who post on USK blogs are known as "correspondents." They are invited based on the quality of their work, style, originality, and overall skills as visual storytellers. The goal is to make the blog as diverse as possible.

Correspondents come from all diverse backgrounds, from painting, architecture, journalism, advertising, illustration, graphic design or teaching. All of them share the same passion for drawing on location.

Being a correspondent means a strong involvement in our community of sketchers, including posting to the blog regularly —a minimum ten per year— and offering feedback to fellow sketchers. Correspondents not only add individual drawings to the blog but also narrative explaining the circumstances in which the sketch was done or a particular story behind it.

When a new blog correspondent is invited by the blog administrators, they are asked to agree to our shared commitment:
  • To agree to adhere to the USK mission and manifesto.
  • To post regularly--aiming for at least 10 posts per year, more if possible.
  • To attend and help organize local outings when possible.
  • Be a good ambassador for the organization.