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Monday, July 17, 2023

Sunday Sketch Walk

 Yesterday morning I was one of 5 Sketch Walk leaders for Sketcher Fest Edmonds.  

I took my group down to Olympia Beach, near the pier.  Of course I wanted to sketch this sculpture.  And then I learned from Mel @inkquirk that this artist has made many sculptures around the Pacific Northwest.

This is “Sighting Whales” sculpture at Edmonds Waterfront Park, by Richard Beyer.  "Whales were in the harbor. This was a frequent springtime occurrence in the Edmonds harbor, and always brought great wonder to the passers-by. The pointing gesture became the focal point for this sculpture. The life sized family figures represent everyone, young and old, forever looking out to sea."

Do I have too many stamps?  The upper left corner is one by Eleanor Doughty @herbcoil .

We shared our sketches in the shade.

In the afternoon I enjoyed the Sketcher Fest Sketchbook display and Art Market.  The 14 featured artists had multiple sketchbooks available to thumb through on their tables.  It was almost overwhelming.  

This was such a wonderful event.  It was a massive amount of work on the part of the organizers.  But everyone attending hopes it happens again next year!

More Photos. 


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