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Thursday, March 10, 2022

People at Northgate and Volunteer Park


3/7/22 Northgate Light Rail Station

After being promised a day of sunshine, we were welcomed by chilly gloom at Volunteer Park, but USk Seattle showed a strong turnout for a weekday afternoon anyway. I, for one, was just happy to be out sketching with the group again!

My sketching goal this week is to finish the annual One Week 100 People challenge with – what else? – at least a hundred sketches of people. (The challenge allows for drawing from photos, but what’s the fun in that? I insist on doing mine “live.”) I had really hoped (and expected) to finish today at the park, but I only got 66 through 84. In previous years, I usually hit a hundred in three or four days and then kept right on going. Because I wasn’t comfortable going out in public last year, I focused on selfies (and only made it to 58 at that). This year I’m way off my game. It has taken me most of the week to warm up!

On Monday I invited other sketchers to join me for an informal outing at the Northgate Light Rail Station, where I managed to catch 26 through 47. It was fun to meet and sketch with Joyce that morning.

3/7/22 Northgate Light Rail Station

OK, one more day left in the challenge . . . you can bet I’m going to knock out those last 16, come hell or high water.

A good turnout for a weekday afternoon!

Joyce and Tina at Northgate Light Rail Station

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