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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Intrepid Sketchers at Northgate Station


11/14/21 John Lewis Memorial Bridge from inside Northgate Light Rail Station

After wind and rain battered the windows noisily all night, this morning dawned to yet more “atmospheric river” conditions. It was the kind of morning when I would have preferred to get a second cup of coffee and keep reading the paper, and I wondered if I would be alone at Northgate Light Rail Station. Shame on me for doubting: Urban Sketchers Seattle isn’t daunted by a little rain (and by “little,” I mean the kind that causes riverbanks to flood)! Seeing all my fellow sketchers was encouraging and invigorating! I forgot all about my previous reluctance to leave the house and opened my sketchbook.

Through a wide window on the ticketing floor, I found a great view of the unsheltered John Lewis Memorial Bridge (above) where, strangely, no pedestrians seemed to want to walk.

On the opposite side of the station was another good view, this time of the blue parking garage elevator and a glimpse of a light rail train before it pulled out of the station.

Parking garage and train platform

Although Northgate station has many sheltered areas, that river of rain was flowing horizontally most of the morning, keeping the air moist even under cover. Sometimes I like to pre-spritz my sketchbook page with water for special effects with watercolor pencils, but the weather seemed to do the job for me: The paper felt thick and damp as I drew.

For the remaining time, I switched to a brush pen to capture people (mostly sketchers) on the ticketing level. By then, I’m sure all of us had memorized the endless loop of recorded announcements: “Holding doors delays trains for all riders. Sound Transit does not tolerate harassment. Please report any harassment to security or transit employees.”


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