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Saturday, Dec. 9: Wallingford Center

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Wintergrass Friends

Perusing the lineup for the 2020 Wintergrass Music Festival, I noticed one band named I Draw Slow.   I drew very fast at the festival!  It was of course due to movement of  musician’s hands and the beat of music.  Spun into musical festival excitement, drawing while listening to music was pure joy.  

Stringed instruments


Although I brought my stool, I didn’t use it once.  Instead, I found abundant, comfortable, Hyatt Regency chairs with mostly straight on views of jamming bands.  The woman in my first sketch had a commanding touch with her larger than she was instrument.  The guys on  fiddles moved things along while the guy on guitar sang melody.  Afterwards I asked him the name of their band. He said it was a no name band, they were all just friends. 

Playing nice together

I walked around the upper balcony and listened to some groups playing in a circle.  I couldn’t get the right angle so I moved back to the other side of my band with no name.  This time around, I thought about Toulouse-Lautrec’s prints from the Moulin Rouge series and pushed some of the figures into a flat background shape.  

Cajun music

Before throw down time, I came upon a group with two accordions.  They too were just friends, a no name band.  I loved listening to their cajun style music.  The female guitar player had a beautiful, clear voice.  They were all so friendly and happy, even let me take a picture of them with my sketch in the foreground!  I wished them well in their musical adventure.  

Wintergrass and Urban Sketch friends

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