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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Monday, September 23, 2019

RAF Red Arrows

The RAF Red Arrows are on a tour of North America. They stopped  today at the Museum of Flight. They've been on this tour since August, flying Hawk T1 jets.

AJ and I got there early to claim a good viewing spot. I sketched another person also waiting.

The larger team made two exciting fly overs. Two aircraft landed and parked in the Museum's lot. The other 10 aircraft taxied to the far side of Boeing Field.

It started raining as they landed, just to make this British team feel at home. I did my sketch of the static aircraft in the rain, under a large umbrella, Pete Scully style! I did go inside to get warm, dry and to do the painting.

After finishing it, I went out to see the displays in the Museum lobby. I asked which pilots flew the aircraft I sketched. I got one signature (#12, David Simmons, aircraft on the left). He graciously offered to get the other pilot to sign it so took my sketch upstairs #11) 

I culled 120 photos down to 30. 

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