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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Selected Team Member

Every year for 15 years, Renny Doyle organizes an elite group of detailing professionals who volunteer their travel and time to come to the Museum of Flight to clean and polish the aircraft in the Aviation Pavilion.  Each year I go to sketch them as they work and I am so impressed with the service they provide the Museum.   

Doyle runs Detailing Success  and trains others. This group is made up of those he's trained. At least a couple hundred apply but only 60 are chosen.

Here is the  first of three sketches. I didn't get their names but they're working on the B-29.

Second sketch shows Tony polishing Air Force One. Other members of the crew came by to look: "you even got his hair". If I remember correctly from last year, only crew members who are veterans work on Air Force One.

Sketch number three shows King and Ryan working on the 727. An info board blocked the view but Ryan is not that short... he's on his knees working the nose of the aircraft. Most of them wear respirators, which must be difficult using all day.

More photos.

--Kate Buike

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