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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Rugged Methow Valley

A weekend road trip to the Methow Valley with my family was a sketching adventure from beginning to end.  Leaving city traffic and noise behind, we wound our way east through forested mountain roads. Catching glimpses of waterfalls cascading down rocky cliffs and pulling off to look at the turquoise waters of mountain lakes were lead-ins to the rugged beauty ahead.
Cascade Mountain View
After arriving at our destination, my first sketch was the view from the cabin deck. Conifer trees dotted the dry grassy landscape and led to a mountain vista.  Methow Valley is a place known for seasonal hiking and cross-country skiing. Due to the heat, almost 100 each day, we limited our excursions to early morning and late afternoon. 

Pearrygin Lake swimming and kayaking
Pearrygin Lake family picnic

Pearrygin Lake State Park saved the days.  We cooled off by swimming in the clear cold water.  After a dip, the weeping willow trees and stark mountain-scape surrounding the lake inspired several sketches. It was satisfying to see many family groups camping and picnicking in a state park. 
Spring fed pond floating
Back at the cabin, the children hoisted floating devices to a spring fed pond about 200 yards away.  With oars made from found pieces of flat wood off the forest floor, they paddled around while I sketched their progress. 

Firefighters in the Cascades

We were surprised to find a helicopter landing pad right next to the pond.  Firefighting pilots kept landing to either refuel or get water for firefighting efforts near Cutthroat Trail.

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  1. Lovely sketches, Kathleen. North cascades is my favorite, there are many stunning spots for outdoor activities.