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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Friday, August 24, 2018

One more time at the Helix

What a relief to have a break in the weather! It was a comfortable 70 degrees with sun and no smoke! We're told the smoke will be back but at least we got a day of sketching in! We met at the Helix Bridge. We were there two years ago.

Here is some information I found about it back in 2016: “Spanning 11 railroad tracks, this bridge connects Amgen’s office complex on the waterfront to a major arterial road. The bridge is designed after the double helix structure of DNA. (Amgen is one of the world’s largest biotech companies.)” [I think I heard Amgen no longer occupies the building there.]  In 2004, the Amgen Helix Pedestrian Bridge received the “Outstanding Project” award under the Bridges and Transportation category given by the National Council of Structural Engineers Association.

We had our sketchbook throw down on the bridge as well as our group photo. Welcome to a few new people and one transplant from USk Chicago!

Since I'd sketched on the bridge back in 2016, I decided I wanted different views of it. This is from the street corner. That's Tina K. up on the elevator platform. It was quite noisy so I put in my earplugs. (single page Stonehenge Aqua 100% cotton 140# watercolor paper).  

I sat under the bridge for this view of this large collection of elevators. No pencil here just direct to ink lines. I did use the method I learned from Frank Ching to plan out the sketch with dots on the page. (Stillman & Birn Alpha)

There was still about 45 minutes, so I changed positions but sill stayed under the bridge. (again, Stillman & Birn Alpha).

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