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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Chinese Garden + Patrick's Cafe

I was glad to have the chance to go across town to meet up with the urban sketchers in the Chinese Garden recently. Definitely worth the bus trip across the city to a place I probably wouldn't have the occasion to visit otherwise! It was a very serene morning sketching with everyone in the courtyard of this beautiful building. I really liked the layers of rooftop on this structure, and chose a spot where the upward angle would be exaggerated. Since I arrived late I didn't do any pencil sketching, just went into it with paint...which ended up kind of confusing myself in the long run, since there are so many layers of wood and decorative flourishes.

Sue kindly gave me a ride to Patrick's Cafe & Bakery down the road, and I was so glad I went with the group to lunch this time. The conversation was fun, the food and coffee were GREAT, and I enjoyed sketching Patrick's new digs. The building is truly quintessential Seattle architecture. Normally I'd do a building portrait from much farther away from a more traditional angle, but I decided to challenge myself and draw a super wide view from up close, which turned out to be pretty darn fun.

Patrick was so nice to us that I really wanted to give him a sketch in return for his generous hosting, and also because I knew he'd be super psyched about a drawing of his new cafe space. Unsurprisingly he was pretty happy about receiving this one, and traded me a bag of his Lilikoi lemon shortbread cookies which are ~delicious~. Hopefully the universe will provide us more opportunities to trade art for good food and hospitality!

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  1. These sketches are wonderful! I'm so glad you gave Patrick a sketch of his new place! He has been very generous to us over the years of sketching at the old one (Stonehouse Bakery).