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July 10 Georgetown Garden Walk

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Determined Enjoyment

Sometimes weather conditions are not the most conducive to enjoyable outdoor sketching. This past Sunday was such a day. I haven't been to a sketch outing since January so I was looking forward to Sunday's sketch outing at Westlake Station. I figured the indoor/outdoor option of the light rail station would offer a safe option, protected from left-over wintery winds. However when I met the cool air funneling up from the light rail station, my assumption dissolved. Thinking street-side might have the possibility of added sunshine, I headed up to the street.

I did a thumbnail or two of the Westin Hotel with the Monorail in the forefront - a classic scene, but the best angle was from the middle of 5th avenue, so I kept scouting. I was determined to enjoy a morning of sketching even if it was through chattering teeth.

When I entered Westlake Center to warm up I noticed City Dog's hot dog stand sitting across the street. I'm a sucker for bright colors in a sketch scene, so I gave it a shot.

Actually two shots, one from a distance and one closer-up.

By the time I was finished I was shivering so I treated myself to a white chocolate mocha before meeting up with the group again. Sometimes enjoyment of Seattle's spring weather only comes through determination . . . and a little coffee.

Later I popped in to Seattle Art Museum. While listening to the docent tell the story of a remarkable show, "Figuring History", I sketched the visitors.

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