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Friday, March 9, 2018

People Are Better With Chocolate

The last time I sketched at Fran’s Chocolates with Urban Sketchers, I focused on two iron staircases central to the room’s vintage ambiance.  This time around, I drew people because I was participating in a #OneWeek100People2018 drawing challenge.  As of Friday morning, I only had 57 people to my credit and Friday was the last day of the challenge.  My challenge for the day was to sketch as many people as possible, up to 43, in 2 1/2 hours at Fran’s.
Through the viewing window at the back of the shop, white-capped chocolatiers sorted and packed rich looking chocolates.   
Sorting and packing
In Fran’s Chocolates main room, chic women garbed in black attire sold brightly wrapped chocolate Easter bunnies or made fresh hot chocolate to order. Their black clothing gave me an opportunity to use a black carbon water-soluble pencil.

A chocolate tasting party at a long table included a lecture on, you guessed it, chocolate. 
Tasting party
After the lecture, the party lined up at the counter to make their educated selections.  A good deal for me because 5 people lined up and 2 sales people assisted.
Time to choose

All in all, the people at Fran’s were fascinating subjects positioned in a great space.

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