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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Friday, September 8, 2017

Urban Pond

Today was rather dark and hazy, with smoke still in the air.  The light was quite flat but we didn't have rain as predicted, though we felt a few drops.  The Friday group met at Meadowbrook Pond.  It was a very still and peaceful place.  Even though many people walked through, it remained quiet. 

I liked the roof line of this structure and it was a popular subject today. The crow landed, so I just had to "put a bird on it". 

I walked further into the park to find this sculpture.  I was unable to later find any information about it, though one of the locals indicated it is a depiction of the sun.

After the "throw down" and group photo, a few of us headed to the Wedgewood Ale House & Cafe, which was recommended by a local.  It was a good suggestion as we all enjoyed delicious fish and chips.  We sat on the patio so I sketched this portion of the sculptural fence. 

A few more photos here:

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