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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Friday, July 7, 2017

Sketching the New

The Friday group of Urban Sketchers Seattle got together to sketch the new section of Pike Place Market this morning. I didn't think about how crowded the Market would be during high tourist season. Fortunately, our goal today was the newly opened extension. It has more room and, perhaps, fewer people know about it being there.

I wandered around quite a bit before settling down to sketch. I knew I wanted to sketch the Pig, but a couple sketchers were already there. So I went down to the lower level and did a sketch looking back up, with the high rise apartment buildings looming over the Market. The building just on the right houses Artist Studios but they are not open to the public.

Then I went back up to sketch the newly relocated pig. By then, a young man was staffing a table to sell items for the Pike Market Foundation. A pig footprint in brass set into the patio of the Market requires a $5000 donation!

This pig is sitting, so not as conducive to climbing as the standing Rachel the Pig.  The kids tried anyway.  She is Rachel's younger cousin, Billie who has been relocated from lower down on Western Ave.  She seems very tolerant. 

We shared our sketches in the shade.  Thanks to Greg for taking the group photo. 

A few of us gathered after for lunch.  While waiting for the food, I did a quick pen
sketch of the interior of Pike Brewing

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