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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Sunday, May 21, 2017

More at the Chinese Garden

Most people don't realize Seattle has a Chinese Garden.  They are familiar with the Japanese Garden within the UW Arboretum but not with this garden adjacent to South Seattle Community College.  There is also a mid-sized arboretum.  It's a lovely place, with so many interesting shapes and areas to sketch. 

This would be my 3rd sketch outing here.  I've already sketched the dragon carp twice, so I chose another scene.  Though I do love that sculpture!  He's the size of a small car. 

The weather was bright sun and very warm.  Some parts of the city might have hit 80 degrees today.  I picked a spot in the shade to sketch this quiet corner with a pond. 

I next did a quick sketch of two statues of generals. They look like the Terra Cotta Warriors but, given their location and lack of protection, they must be copies.

There were a few new sketchers today.

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