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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Friday, May 12, 2017

In the International District

Though rain is predicted, the early morning was sunny but chilly.  I arrived early for our sketch outing in the International District.  I decided to make this sculptural fountain the sketch for the ID station in my series of public art in Light rail stations. As such, I added the blue and white symbol for the station.  I didn't really like what was in the tunnel.  This is on the plaza over the tunnel station.  I successfully managed to simplify it by not including details of the buildings in the background.  

Cascadia: A sculptural Interpretation of the Basaltic Lava Flows; 1999-2000 by John Hoge"The installation references the cataclysmic events that shaped the stark landscape of central and southeastern Washington.  The basalt formations in this region date to the Miocene period, beginning about 17 million years ago and continuing over a period of 11 million years."  

On to our meeting spot at the Panama Hotel.  It is a National Historic Landmark for its association with the immigration of Japanese.  The Hashidate-Yu Sento, located in the basement of the building is one of only 2 surviving Japanese Public Bathhouses in the USA.

I'd long wanted to sketch the sign.  Since it still wasn't raining, I seized the chance to do so.


Natalie told me it is also a location in the novel, At the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.

I walked around the corner nearby, looking for a vantage point from which to sketch another interesting sign.  But then it started to rain.  Time to go back inside the Panama Hotel Tea Room.
Steve and Tom sketching
Natalie sketching
We were a much smaller group today. 

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