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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Sunday, April 23, 2017

SAM and Middle Fork

The outing was listed as Seattle Art Museum (SAM) and Pike Street Neighborhood.  I was happy to spend the entire time inside SAM.  First, it was chilly and raining much of the time.  Second, I had free admission for volunteer week with my volunteer badge from another local museum!  Third, I wanted to get my fill of sketching Middle Fork.

John Grade: Middle Fork

First thing, I settled down to sketch the unusual sculpture.  It was pieced together over many months.  Two of our group worked on it:  Ching (an Urban Sketcher who has since moved away) and John (husband of Urban Sketcher, Anne).   I sat on the floor at the base end.

Once finished, I went into the museum proper.  There is so much to sketch but I wanted to get this odd sculpture.  It's called Mann und Maus (Man and Mouse) but I think the head shape looks more like a rat. .  

There was still time, so I did another sketch of Middle Fork, this time from above.  

We met in the far lobby to share sketches and have our group photo.

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  1. These sketches are just wonderful, Kate. I especially appreciate the one of "Middle Fork". What a challenge! Well done!