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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Swanson's, Roy Street, and Seattle Sound Repair.

As usual, I was drawn to this neglected pile of nursery clutter. I know I can't improve on the beauty of flowers, but maybe I can give this sad little corner of the nursery some attention and respect.

I met with the gang for the show-and-tell, but had to run to get to my location drawing class at Gage Academy. Five brave students and I met at Roy Street Coffee on Capitol Hill to sketch inside the dark and crowded coffee shop. I wish I could post their drawings here as well because they were terrific.
I've been recording my experiences from my Improv class in comic form. Those daily graphic-novel style pages are my focus right now, though the audience is completely different than my USk friends. To cross-over, I tried to apply some of those more high-contrast graphic techniques at Roy Street. It's quicker than the ink washes I've come to rely on:

I discovered Seattle Sound Repair while walking by the store front on Stone Way. I complimented Marie on the beautiful clutter and set up a drawing time, but when I arrived, she had "helpfully" cleaned everything up! Not to be deterred from drawing chaos, I swiveled my chair to draw parts of the shop she hadn't thought to tidy. If you look closely, you might see owner Marie herself in one of these drawings.

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