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Monday, September 12, 2016

Sketching Bonanza

I quickly accepted an invitation to spend time in Chelan, a town three hours east of Seattle.  Never having been there, I was eager for a new sketching opportunity and happy to spend time relaxing. In Chelan, they call it Chelaxing.

We headed east choosing the picturesque route through alpine themed Leavenworth.  The drive did not disappoint. The winding highway moved along evergreen forests, over bridges spanning roiling rivers, and finally, into vast expanses of duff colored mountains and craggy cliffs.  In Chelan, vineyards and apple orchards lace the scenery with accents of green and give a base for the local economy.  We visited a few vineyards and had a great time tasting the fruit of the vine.  The apples were excellent too.  

Looking west, Devil’s Backbone Mountain massive size dwarfs communities built along the edges of the lake. 

Lake Chelan and Devil's Backbone Mountain.
Apple orchards and vineyards thrive along the shores of Lake Chelan.  A winery sits high on a hill east of poolside.  
Winery view from poolside

On the Lady of the Lake ferry, we cruised up to Stehekin, population 75, a wilderness settlement on the north end of Lake Chelan and the gateway to the North Cascades National Park. On the ferry, the panoramic views of the rugged mountains descending into the deep blue waters of Lake Chelan were otherworldly.
Interior of lower deck, Lady of the Lake Express

The south end Lake Chelan is busy with pleasure craft.  After a brief rain, I was the only one on the beach looking out at bobbing boats and the textures of tree bark, leaves, rocks and water.  Everything around the lake seems rougher, tougher and wilder.

South end of Lake Chelan

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