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Friday, July 29, 2016

The Amazon Spheres

We met to sketch the Amazon Spheres under construction.  I hadn't been feeling well the past couple weeks (a cold) and I was dreading the high heat.  For most of our sketch outing, though, it was warm but there was a breeze so it wasn't uncomfortable.  As I headed home about 1400 it was getting hotter.  Once at my car, it's gage said 91 degrees (30 C !).

First, I left early enough to do another sketch in my series on the art in the light rail stations.  This is "Soundings" by Clark Wiegman at the Tukwila station.

I arrived at the construction site early enough to get started on my first sketch by about 0900.  There are 3 spheres and each of them here is at a different point in construction.

The block features three 80-to-90-foot-tall (24 to 27 m), 65,000-square-foot (6,000 m2) glass spheres facing Lenora Street that will house five stories of flexible work space for 1,800 employees and retail.  Here are couple recent articles about them:

I walked down the street looking for another view and saw this section being craned into place!  Once it got close, it seemed to hold for a while, long enough for me to gt a sketch.

The third sketch of the day is the least finished sphere with a big crane next to it.  I thought of Tina, who likes to sketch cranes. From where I sat on the sidewalk, I could see 10 cranes at different construction sites!

We gathered again to share sketches and have a group photo.  Several sketchers reported being asked about our group.  I had a couple construction workers want to see my finished sketches.

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