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Friday, July 8, 2016

Stonehouse II

Our Friday group returned to the Stonehouse Cafe and Bakery today.  Though it threatened rain, we managed to escape it.  The group of a dozen sketchers fanned out around the property.  I also have a friend from Portland visiting and she brought some sketching tools in order to join in.
I don't know what my problem was today but I just do not really like the sketches.  The first scene of the upper patio didn't work.  I recognize the need to work more on creating textures. 

I normally am not very interested in drawing vehicles as a main subject.  But the beautiful 1953 Chevy pickup truck posed so nicely.  I decided to do a sketch to contribute to the memorial for Florian who died earlier this spring in a tragic auto accident.   At the International Symposium later this month they are going to have a special exhibit of car sketches in tribute to his memory. 

The logo is a piece of collage.
I had less than half an hour left.  I thought I could squeeze in one more sketch.  This is the entry to the bakery. 

Sharing sketches:

Patrick, the baker, came out to see what we'd done and took our group photo.  Steve Reddy left early so is not in the photo. 

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