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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Disc Bound

On Sunday Gail W. looked at my book and suggested I write ablog post about it. Here it is.

For some months now, I've been using this Circa Sliver Foldover Notebook as a sketchbook. It's my preferred size at 5 x 8.5 inches, light weight and adaptable. I like this particular notebook because it has a firm cover for support and the cover easily folds over so I can stand to sketch.  The source is on-line from Levenger's Circa line.

I tear full sheets of watercolor paper down to fit.  If I want a double page spread, I don't do the last tear but, instead, fold the paper.  All pages are then punched with the Circa desk punch.  There is  a travel punch available but it can only accept watercolor paper of about 90 pounds. I also like to have a page of card stock to hold the stickers I used to put on the cover of my sketchbooks.

I can easily remove just a single page to attach to my coroplast lap board if I want to sit.  Then I can put the page back so all my sketches can be reviewed in the book.

My book holds a divider with a pocket, some notebook pages and a zip pouch.  You could add other items, such as calendar or planner pages.  Letter sized paper can be cut in half and punched to fit the book so you don't have to buy the pre-punched refills from Levenger.  If more pages are desired, larger discs can be used.

As the book fills, I remove sketches and store them in envelopes.  I could "reconstitute" a group of sketches into a disc bound book at any time.

There is also the Arc system at Staples and Tul at Office Max/Depot.  So far, I haven't liked their notebooks as much because they are either too heavy or too flimsy.  Their choices are limited to leather (heavy) and "durable poly" (flimsy).  Except for the discs with which the books are sold, they do not offer any replacement .75 inch discs, which is what I prefer.  On the pro side, they are less expensive than Levenger.  I signed up for Levenger's email notification so I am alerted when items go on sale.

Of course, you could work out the same system using a 3 ring binder.  That would be cheaper and more easily sourced.  However, I've not found very many that fold over well so I still prefer this disc bound book.


  1. An awesome system. Ordered some for myself.

  2. This is the one I use for my sketchbook, in the "Junior" size and it's on sale.

  3. Just got my set today. I may buy the larger notebook if it goes on sale again.
    Am excited to use it.

  4. Dave said he wants to get the larger size (8.5x11) but put small size paper in it, using the rest of the area of the cover(s) to support the palette and other tools. I thought that was a novel idea.