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Wednesday, July 17: Fishermen's Terminal

Friday, June 10, 2016

On the Avenue

Queen Anne Avenue is a shoppers and diners utopia.   There is no shortage of goods and services available to consumers looking for that certain something to satisfy their needs or desires.  Visual marketing strategies along the avenue are a gold mine for sketchers. After meeting up with Urban Sketchers at Storyville Coffee, I set forth to check locations I scouted for before.  With perfect weather on my side, the sites did not disappoint.  First of all, I sketched the Bostonian Barbershop.  The olive green-trim contrasting with dark red brick creates a quaint village vibe enhanced by a sweet flower box and a revolving barber pole.  I want to get my hair cut there! 
Bostonian Barber Shop

Next, to save time, I almost jogged down to the end of the avenue for the 5 Spot coffee cup sign.  It’s a three-dimensional sign edged in neon with faux steam coming out of the coffee cup.  It’s a beauty I admire nearly every day. 
5 Spot Diner
After coffee, I returned mid-avenue to sketch the same view Kate found intriguing, the Bethany Presbyterian Church steeple with the giant TV tower in the background.  Traditional craftsman style houses on either side of the view lead to an international style apartment followed by the English Gothic church and finally the imposing TV tower.  I love Queen Anne for the variety of architectural styles co-existing in unplanned harmony.
Bethany Presbyterian Church
Lastly, the bronze pup “Boomer” in the Towne courtyard was on the must sketch list.  A festive string of lights echo the arms of man relaxing on a bench in front of the pup. 


  1. Good sketches. Thanks for suggesting this neighborhood. It really is a gold mine for sketching. I didn't make it down to the 5 Spot. That's a great sign!

  2. Thanks for introducing us to the sketching delights in your 'hood, Kathleen! I think we should definitely get over there again sometime.