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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Broadway Light Rail Station

This month's sketch outing was a wonderful sunny spring day that was a joy to be sketching outside.
I decided to experience the new portion of the light rail from Husky Stadium (where I parked and caught the train) up to Capitol Hill and the Broadway Station.  It was easy and a quick way to get to Capitol Hill without the trouble of finding a spot to park around Broadway.

I started with a sketch of the new light rail station where some of us met.  A few went to one of the other two entries to the station.  A little confusing to those of us unfamiliar with the station.

 I liked that the new station was nestled next to this older apartment building.  The figure to the right of the tree trunk was Frank sketching the station from a little different vantage point. 

I was going to move to another location when I realized that the new street-car was sitting and waiting for its return trip back to the International District.  The yellow color was so wonderful that I knew I wanted to sketch it before it left.  I only had a few minutes and then it was off.  Before I knew it the pink car arrived and so I decided to sketch that one too.  I had more than five minutes for this sketch because I started it right when it finished its run.  After our meet-up, I went inside the station and painted the wall mural by Ellen Forney called "Walking Fingers"  Many great colors today!

My friend Orlando, a sketcher from work, had his camera with him.  He got a passing gentlemen to take the group picture.  A few had already taken off, so the group seems a little light.