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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"Soaring Spaces", LOOK UP in Manchester!!!

I am so very honored that my workshop was selected for the 7th International Urban Sketchers Symposium, this year in Manchester, England --July 27-30, 2016 !! 
Thank you, USk!!  I have been so fortunate to teach at the symposiums in Brazil and Singapore as well.

My workshop is called "SOARING SPACES"...and encourages you to LOOK UP!!!!

Looking UP at Seattle's St. James Cathedral
Full, size--Looking UP in Paris' Notre-Dame Cathedral.
This image graces the cover of Simone Ridyard's
wonderful book, Achisketcher.

So often the most amazing things to sketch are above your head! 

Towers, domes, and England’s famous vaulted ceilings all draw your eyes UP to their beautiful shapes and architectural detail. I love to sit inside an amazing church or in front of an inspiring building and capture a true sense of the vast space. But how do you capture something so tall and wide in a small sketchbook?

This workshop will take you to one of the UK’s most important buildings, located in the heart of the city -- Manchester’s glorious Town Hall.

Gothic Revival in style, from its fa├žade and clock tower on Albert Square to its soaring vaulted interior spaces like the Great Hall, you’ll learn how to look up and capture this amazing architecture in wide-angle, 3-pt perspective. It’s really not hard once you know what to look for!

More info on Soaring Spaces is here.

And some TIPS on Registration based on my experience, as it's likely this symposium will fill quickly as the early-bird registration did (we're talking between 5-30 minutes only).

--review all the workshops, activities and demos, and Instructors (click on the name) carefully well before registration starts.  Have a list ready to go by workshop number, name of workshop, and instructor in the order of priority, for each workshop period (there is typically one in the morning and one in the afternoon most days.)

--have a list of back ups ready in case the workshop you want is already full, so you don't have to scramble to see what else you'd like to take.  You want registration to go quickly.

--set your alarm and go online precisely when registration opens on March 5. Have your payment ready, everything ready as you'll want it to go quickly!!!

Good luck, hope to see you in Manchester!!