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Saturday March 25: International District

Monday, February 1, 2016

New Year Lion Dance

My town has a branch of Uwajimaya, the local Chinese market.  Every year, they bring a group of Lion Dancers sometime near the Chinese New Year.  Sunday was the day!

Feather and I met there. We arrived an hour early in order to sketch the special displays.  We sat at a cafe table and both sketched this display with Lion masks.  We gathered some on lookers!  A mother and son were particularly interested and had lots of questions which we enjoyed answering.   

Once the Lion Dancers arrived, we packed up and went outside to watch.  I brought the "good" camera.... the Canon DSLR.  I put that puppy on continuous shooting (in a film camera it was called motor drive!) and fired away during the Lion Dance.  I came home with 160 images, which were culled heavily down to 26.  I also shot video with my Nexus 5 (phone).  All the photos are here.

Once that excitement was over, I went back into the market to sketch the large dragon sculpture that hangs from the ceiling.  He is there all year long.