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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Monday, October 26, 2015

Fashion and Exercise at the Gates Foundation

Saturday I spent WWSCD at the Gates Foundation's Visitor Center with Seattle USk. But no Iron Lungs for me. In any museum or exhibit, I always manage to zero in on the clothing and textile pieces. Which, I suppose, illustrates the genius of the Foundation's PR department. The Visitor Center presents the various projects and missions of the Foundation in an interactive and approachable way, designed so there is something that will catch everyone's attention.

The health care workers' jacket by Chinese designer Han Feng, which I started with, was commissioned by the Foundation as part of a series to illustrate various medical projects. And the jacket is a pretty brilliant and wearable two-layer design using both traditional Chinese and western tailoring. The designer also incorporated practical elements like pockets and reflective tape, recycled fabric from military uniforms and modern embroidery.

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  1. Nice montage, Susan, showing a variety of interesting visual pieces at the foundation.