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Sunday, July 14: Georgetown Garden Walk

Monday, August 17, 2015

Husky Crew House and Surroundings

Summer returned Sunday morning with the intensity we have come to recognize. I sat on the dock outside the new Conibear crew house. Rather than take on the panorama of the new structure, I went for the simplicity of a neighboring boathouse. Lake Washington was glistening increasing the sun's effects- fast drying paint and plenty of sweat. Afterwards my sister with and I found our way to Rachel's Ginger Beer in 12th Ave on Capital Hill. With just a little help I went through a small growler of white peach ginger.  So refreshing!

As. A quick second, I found this dock with a line of sailboats sitting under the tree-lined dock, looking so relaxing in the shade.

A few pictures of the group: 


  1. I enjoyed this post very much, Jane. So nice to see all the views of our collective effort. I thought your sketch of the boat house was beautifully evocative....just the right choice of focus on the boathouse itself. Was our group photo the one David took in the real camera or from the smart phone? (I thought he herded us into a nice compact group, heheh)

  2. Michelle, These photos were taken with my iPhone. I'll post the others to Facebook. I've been dealing with a dead computer hoping for a Lazarus moment.