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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Gasworks Park

Though it was predicted, our Friday ad hoc sketch outing at Gasworks Park yesterday morning escaped the rain we had last time we visited.  In our last summer outing we had 7 sketchers, a smaller group than has been usual.  Perhaps it was the threat of rain.

Michele and I sketched the gasworks from atop Kite Hill.

Sharing sketches:

I positioned our group photo with a view of the Seattle skyline and Space Needle rather than of the Gasworks.  (L to R:   Kate, Gloria, Susan H, Susan M, Suzanne, Michele, Gwen)

Just Michele and I went to lunch at Ivar's (though Gloria would have joined us if we'd made up our mind in time!  Sorry, Gloria...we looked for you there!).  We sat on the patio and watched a wondrous variety of floating craft pass by.  I sketched a small bridge.

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