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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Garden Walk

Though I've known about the Garden Walk for a few years, I've never been.  Now I think I'll go every year I can.  I don't live far from Georgetown and it's my favorite funky place to sketch.  When I don't have any other ideas about where to sketch, I just go to Georgetown and I always find something. 

There were just too many gardens to see.  I concentrated in the area around Oxbow Park where the famous Hat & Boots is located.  Also across the street is the "The Georgetown Castle," the 112 year old Victorian known officially as the Gessner Mansion.  My favorite sketch of the day was a small corner of its back garden.  This is done in the small, pocket sized Pentalic Aqua watercolor book.

The first sketch of the day was the goldfish pond in Garden #40, belonging to Peter and Esther. They are not koi, they are goldfish, which do not get as big as koi. There is also  a duck decoy in the pond! 

The group met back at Oxbow Park for sharing sketches and a group photo in front of the Boots!

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