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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sheltered from the Storm and Surrounded by Natural History at the Burke Museum

This morning at the Burke Museum, another sizable crowd of Seattle Urban Sketchers came together for the monthly outing. Along with families, individuals and a meeting of the Tlingit and Salish tribes, we all shared a cozy and warm place to be on a blustery, rainy day. Thanks so much to the Burke and staff for making us feel so welcome.

Again, as I always do in museums, I felt a convergence of experience and time.

One of the featured exhibits was "Here & Now: Native Artists Inspired", which showcases how today's artists learn from past generations. The exhibit features 30 new works by contemporary Native artists, paired with historic pieces from the Burke Museum that artists identified as key to their learning. Coincidentally, a contemporary tribal group met in an adjacent room where a man with drums chanted, wearing his own woven hat in the traditional design. See photos above/left depending on your display screen.
My sketches of wings and eggs from the ornithology display in the lobby.
The elegantly displayed Xiphactonus from Kansas.
Although I enjoyed touring much of the rest of the museum, I was captivated by what I found in the lobby, where we all met in the beginning. I stayed there most of the time and sketched the two sketchbook spreads seen above.

The Confluence of Science and Art: Wes Wehr's Inspiration is now on display in the lobby of the Burke Museum. It is a fitting tribute. The entire display was beautifully arranged, like the perfectly arranged cabinet drawers of treasure in the paleontology and geology collections – the focus of Wehr's study and inspiration.
Sketchers, both new and experienced, found their subjects.
 The sketches above are but a fraction of those set out in the lobby to share at the end of the outing today. Scroll up and down this blog as the correspondents add more accounts and photos of the inspired results.
I can hear these toothy characters now, exclaiming: "So I'm stuck out in the middle of nowhere without a dental plan!"
Pssssst. Hey, guys, I hear there's a drawer full of teeth downstairs. FYI.


  1. Beautiful sketches. I love the color of the wings. I wish I could have made it there.