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Saturday, March 14, 2015

High Tech coffee at Ada's Technical Books

Seattle Urban Sketchers Friday Ad Hoc group met at Ada's Technical  Book store on Capitol Hill yesterday (Friday the 13th!).  I took the bus to get there rather than try to find parking.  As I walked the short distance from my stop, I noticed this view down a side street.  I walked further in and sketched from the middle of a tiny roundabout.  The weekly theme on Urban Sketchers flikcr page is "pavement" so I put some in the foreground.

The bookstore has so many interesting corners and bits. There are lots of technical kits and, of course, books. Given the emphasis on technology, my first sketch was of a very high tech coffee machine.  I researched it later.  Here is a YouTube about the  method.  And here is even more about it from CoffeeGeek

Next I looked at one of the walls, with a door high up near the ceiling!  There were glowing lights in the doorway that changed colors.

Sharing sketches and the group photo:

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