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Saturday, July 27: South Lake Union Market

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Market Morning Sketch

Today was going to be full and I hoped satisfying with all the activities I had planned.  Some times it just pours with good things to do (and the rain did at times too!).  Being a soccer/Sounders fanatic, I have to find an outlet in the winter as I wait for the new MLS season to start.  So I follow Arsenal of the English Premier League during their season.  This morning before the sketch outing I watched their game getting a win over Man City 2-0. Nice job Gunners!   I headed downtown quickly to beat the Seahawk rush and got going early on a sketch of one of the Market's mascots; the Sasquatch that sits in the Atrium (the market area south of Pike Street).  There are places on the carved wooden creature that are stained dark from the oils of people's hands as they touch the statue.

After our meet and greet I headed to the concourse that houses the brewing tanks and equipment for the Pike Brewing Company. The floor in the center is open to the pub below with the pipes and tanks extending through the openings.   During my sketch time, the pub was filling up with Seahawk fans waiting for the game to start on the TV's.  Every once and awhile I would hear a "SEA--Hawks!"  chant as the crowd was getting psyched for the game to start.

I finished the sketch at 11:30 and headed to my Seahawk viewing party.  I wanted to see all the other's sketches too, but the game was calling (along with good food, drink and the company of my churche's great Seahawk fans. The game ended fantastically, but we were made to suffer for 3 quarters.  It was all worth it today to enjoy three things that I love to do.  I ended up taking a nap late in the afternoon to recovery from all the emotion of the day.

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