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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dreamliner delivered

The Museum of Flight accepted Boeing's donation of the 787 Dreamliner (#3) this past weekend.  Not wanting to brave the crowds of 10,000 during that event, I waited until after my shift today to take a look.  It's still the slow season at the Museum and I was able to do this sketch in between visitors.  This is the view of the back end of the 787 from the Space Gallery, across the street.

This is Dreamliner Number 3.  From the museum website:  "This particular 787, ZA003, was the third Dreamliner built. It first flew on March 14, 2010. In addition to its role in the flight test and certification program, Boeing flew Number 3 to 23 countries during a global showcase of the 787 called the Dream Tour. While on exhibit at the Museum, the airplane's interior will be partially configured as an airliner and flight test aircraft, with the remaining space devoted to displays covering the development of the 787, including artifacts from the program."

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