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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Monday, October 13, 2014

More NYC

When you travel with non-sketchers it's tricky to pull off sketches without holding up the crowd. So when I was visiting with my family in NYC I had to grab a few minutes here and there to do quick sketches. One day we headed up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I decided to do another conglomerate drawing-- things I saw while riding in our Uber car.
I started with the pipes next to the posts holding up the viaduct, I added the FedEx truck and pretty soon we were there at the Met, so I took a few minutes on the steps. I reality there's a LOT more space in front of the museum.

We walked across the park to the Natural History Museum, another monumental building with arched windows and entryways. I let the others go inside while I sat on the steps.


  1. Oh, I SO get the challenge! You've done a great compromise! It's so much to see, so much to sketch.