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Friday, October 24, 2014

A two month sketching summary

I have not had the opportunity to post my sketches in a while. I have been undergoing an exploration of my life and career and I have not had a lot of time for posting my sketches as I have generated them. So here are the high lights from two months of sketching.

 I recently started taking a class on technical writing at the University of Washington. This has given me plenty of great sketching opportunities around campus.

I also enjoyed walking the historic Queen Anne boulevard, which winds around the top of Queen Anne and offers spectacular views over the city. The view from Bhy Kracke Park was particularly spectacular.

I visited the recently remodeled Bellevue Botanical Gardens. The gardens now sport a recently completed garden gate, gift shop, visitor center and office space. I was attracted to the Japanese Garden that doubles as a stormwater detention facility.

Finally, there was this month's sketch outing to Capitol Hill where I captured some great sketches along Broadway.

I plan to begin posting on a more regular schedule and look forward to seeing everyone at future sketch outings.

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