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Friday, July 25, 2014

Houseboat Sketch Outing

Peggy has friends, Mary Lou and Sam, who live on a houseboat on South Lake Union.  We were invited there to sketch today.  There were just too many beautiful and interesting scenes from which to choose!

I wandered all over the docks before choosing some places to sketch.  First is from the dock of our host's home, looking down the dock:

Then, also from the host's patio, looking across the way to another dock:

Finally, a small houseboat on the dock with boat and kayaks:

We shared our sketches and then had a group photo.

  The group on the stairs of our hosts' houseboat;  Missing at least 2 or 3.  From bottom:
Peggy, Tina Kate
Susan, Gordon, Nilda
Logan, Natalie
Peggy JG, Donna
Frank #3, Steve  (There are 2 other Franks already in the group, so I've called him #3!)
Thanks to Sam for taking the group photo.

Lots of photos here and just one sample:

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