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July 10 Georgetown Garden Walk

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday at the Aquarium

The adhoc Friday Sketchers of Urban Sketchers Seattle met at the Aquarium today.  It was a cold, gray wet day.  In between sprinkles, some of us tried to sketch outside.  Inside, it was a challenge to get a spot to sketch as we were in competition with what seemed like hundreds of school children.

I got to the sea otter area before there were too many small visitors.  One otter was sleeping and seemed to be a furry lump.  The other floated on her back and played with a bright blue toy.

I escaped outside to sketch a fountain, the viaduct and skyline.

We shared our sketches on a ledge just inside the building.

Then we went outside for our usual group photo, with the Great Wheel in the background.  Ann had to leave early but I think she's the only one missing.
Back row: Carleen, Nilda, Lynne, Nancy, Sue, Chris;  Front row: Peggy, Tina, Kate

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