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Saturday, April 26, 2014

View from Mohai Second Floor

I was sketcher in residence today.  But I couldn't get people to sketch.  They were more happy to talk to me about sketching and watch me sketch than to actually do it themselves.

I did meet some interesting people.  One person was volunteering and said she was an Interior Design student at the UW when there was an Interior Design program.  She said they didn't have a sketching class then  which surprised me.  I then met a woman who had taken some watercolor class and was inspired to go out and do more sketching and watercolor.  There were two other women who had just taken a glass blowing class from Pratt and after seeing the exhibit and watching me were inspired to start sketching when they got back home.  Lastly I met Bob the angel pilot who was one of the people Gabi had interviewed and sketched.  His wife came up to me to ask if the whole room was filled with Gabi's sketches.  She and her husband Bob were amazed and how much work Gabi had done over the years.  They both said that Seattle Times had a gem on their hands. 

Demonstrating sketching is difficult as I found out last week at the Line to Color Workshop.  When people are watching you sketch, you are more self conscious and the sketching or applying watercolor is not quite as natural. Also being interrupted while you sketch makes it difficult to concentrate on what you are doing.  What line was I drawing?  What building was I sketching?

Anyway here is the sketch I did while being sketcher in residence.  You can compare it with the sketch I did in January.
View from Mohai 04262014

View from Mohai January- 2014

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