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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tacoma's Antiques District

I wasn't sure if anyone would, the weather was so unpredictable, wet, cold and windy.  We even got hail!  But we did get about 22 people.  Some new urban sketchers from Vashon and Edmonds joined us down in Tacoma.  It was a great place and so nice to sketch in  new unknown territory.  Tully's was our safe haven from the weather.

I first started this sketch on Opera Alley and then it hailed on me.  I took a picture to record the colors of the buildings so I could paint it later.  Yes these are the real  colors of the buildings and just as bright as my sketch suggests.  I painted it from the photo.  Luckily I had it drawn before the hail came down and was using micron pens.  Instant waterproof ink!

In the comfort of Tully's  I sketched the view through the windows of the store with Tina and Frank in the mid ground sketching.

Opera Alley, Tacoma WA
Tulley's on 9th and Broadway, Tacoma WA.

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