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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Opening Reception at MOHAI

1/3/14 Platinum Carbon ink, watercolor
The Museum of History and Industry and Gabi invited all Seattle Urban Sketchers to attend the members-only reception for the opening of “Drawn to Seattle” last night. Unlike Christmas Eve morning when Greg and I first viewed the show, the exhibit was packed, which made for an interesting sketching experience.

After Gabi finished leading a group through the show, there was a lull, so I found a wall to stand next to and began sketching one corner of the exhibit. A short time later, the next wave of visitors came through, so I added people to the sketch. Eventually so many people were there that I could no longer see much of the corner. But at the same time, many curious people stopped to chat and asked me about Urban Sketchers or about my clipped-on watercolor kit.How long have you been sketching?” “Do you always stand while sketching?” “Where did you get that interesting brush?” I’m so used to everyone ignoring me when I sketch in public that it was a fun novelty to engage in so many conversations. It’s so exciting that Gabi’s exhibit is raising awareness of urban sketching!

Many thanks to MOHAI and Gabi for inviting us last night! 

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