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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Back at MOHAI

Each Saturday afternoon through March while Gabi's amazing exhibit is up at MOHAI, an Urban Sketcher will be sketching live and in person. 

I was there today for a little over 2 hours, sketched with about 5 different people (which was great!), and did these three quick sketches while the storms raged outside.  But, when I pulled up to the building, a glorious rainbow arched over MOHAI and Lake Union...I took it as a sign that the Seahawks would win!!!!  Thanks, Meris, for bringing me score updates-- 
Go Seahawks!

Looking out the window from Gabi's exhibit at the 12th Man flag
atop the Space Needle blowing in the heavy winds!
My mind was on the game~~

I did sketches for this project, the Center for Innovation, with
Olson Kundig Architects very early on in the schematic design phase.
 It was great to see how it turned out, what stayed in, what was cut,
how the design evolved and was executed in the end.

Super quick sketch right before leaving.

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